Capture Text in Seconds

Just slide Scanmarker Air over text or numbers in books, magazines and almost anything else that’s printed. Everything you scan is automatically retyped to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Scanmarker Air uses the latest in scanning technology, so it’s compatible with Word, Excel, or any other text-editing app or Web based editor. Anywhere there’s print, Scanmarker Air can capture it.

Works Without Wires

Scanmarker Air takes notes anywhere, anytime. All the text Scanmarker Air captures is transferred to your smartphone, tablet, or computer with a wireless Bluetooth connection. Scanmarker Air works with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X systems.

Learn Faster. Retain More.

It’s easier to study when you take good notes. Scanmarker Air scans and stores your notes in seconds so you learn and retain what you read more quickly. Whether you take notes for a research paper, an exam or just to study, Scanmarker Air helps you use your time more efficiently and lets you add or edit your notes as you go.

Take Better Notes. Get Better Grades.

Digitized notes get your work done faster. The Scanmarker Air improves your retention and comprehension of printed material. Use it to boost your GPA and reduce the stress of studies and papers.

Scanmarker Air

Capture, digitize, organize and share text from any paper document, transferring it wirelessly to your computer or smartphone – anywhere, anytime.